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Refereed Publications

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  1. Dworkin, E. R., Sessarego, S., Pittenger, S. L., Edwards, K., & Banyard, V. (in press). Rape myth acceptance in sexually-assaulted adolescents’ school contexts: Associations with depressed mood and alcohol use. American Journal of Community Psychology.
  2. Dworkin, E. R., Ullman, S., Stappenbeck, C., Brill, C. D., & Kaysen, D. (in press). Proximal relationships between social support and PTSD symptom severity: A daily diary study of sexual assault survivors. Depression & Anxiety.
  3. Dworkin, E. R., Zambrano-Vazquez, L., Cunningham, S., Pittenger, S. L., Schumacher, J. A., Stasiewicz, P. R., & Coffey, S. F. (in press). Treating PTSD in pregnant and postpartum rural women with substance use disorders. Journal of Rural Mental Health.
  4. Zambrano-Vazquez, L., Levy, H., Belleau, E., Dworkin, E. R., Sharp, K., Pittenger, S. L., Schumacher, J. A., & Coffey, S. F. (in press). Moving towards a transdiagnostic approach: Using the RDoC framework to track domains of change in treatment of comorbid PTSD. Psychological Trauma: Theory, Research, Practice, and Policy.
  5. Dworkin, E. R., & Allen, N. E. (2017). For the good of the group? Balancing individual and collective risks and benefits in community psychology research. American Journal of Community Psychology.
  6. Dworkin, E. R., Menon, S., Bystrynski, J., & Allen, N. E. (2017). Sexual assault victimization and psychopathology: A review and meta-analysis. Clinical Psychology Review, 56, 65-81.
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  9. Dworkin, E. R., Newton, E., & Allen, N. E. (2016). Seeing roses in the thorn bush: The complexity of sexual assault survivors’ perceptions of social reactions. Psychology of Violence.
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  14. Dworkin, E. R., Sorell, N., & Allen, N. E (2016). Individual- and setting-level correlates of secondary traumatic stress in rape crisis center staff. Journal of Interpersonal Violence, 31(4), 743-752. doi: 10.1177/0886260514556111
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Book Chapters

  1. Kaysen, D., Lehavot, K., & Dworkin, E. R. (in press). Trauma-related disorders among sexual minority women: Evidence-based practice. In S. A. Safren & J. Pachankis (Eds.), Handbook of evidence-based mental health practice with LGBT clients. New York, NY: Oxford University Press.
  2. Allen, N. E., Walden, A., Dworkin, E. R., & Javdani, S. (2016). Mixed methodology as a key asset in multilevel, multisetting inquiry. Accepted for publication in L. Jason & D. Glenwick (Eds.), Handbook of methodological approaches to community-based research: Qualitative, quantitative, and mixed methods. New York, NY: Oxford University Press.

Non-Refereed Publications

Lein, A., Rowley, R., Long, S., Dworkin, E. R., Thai, N. D., Belyaev-Glantsman, O., Barlow, J., & Grohe, H. (2014). Social justice in the classroom: Teaching controversial topics. The Community Psychologist, 47(1), 32-33. [PDF]

Dworkin, E. (2013). The voices of survivors of sexual assault. The Community Psychologist, 45(1), 32-33. [PDF]

Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Information Packet (with Hallie Martyniuk for the National Sexual Violence Resource Center):

Risk factors for child sexual abuse: Annotated bibliography
Child sexual abuse: Research brief
Child sexual abuse prevention: Bulletin
Child sexual abuse prevention: Programs for adults
Child sexual abuse prevention: Programs for children

Sexual violence in disasters (fact sheet) (developed for the National Sexual Violence Resource Center from Sexual violence in disasters: A planning guide for prevention and response by Alisa Klein)

The use of truth-telling devices in sexual assault investigations (with Kristen Houser for the National Sexual Violence Resource Center)